Meet Cornelia.

Cornelia is an intelligent assistant that serves as the front-face for your organization. She interacts with your clients and employees, providing information and insights about the organization and anything related. She can also assist employees on their day-to-day office activities.


Request support from Internal IT

Book transportation, request leaves and company information

And many more!

Cornelia interface

How it works

When Cornelia gets support from a real person, she eventually learns the topic and gets better and better at replying when a similar request comes up.

Cornelia is based on MSFT BOT framework, Azure and LUIS, and uses messaging platforms such as FB messenger, WhatsApp, Line, Viber, and Skype.

It can integrate with your SharePoint workflow.

Cornelia. Enabling better conversations.

Cornelia is currently in beta and we are adding users by invitation only.

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